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An Explanation of the Menstrual Cup

An Explanation of the Menstrual Cup - VAQUITA

Menstrual cup for women is a sanitary care product which is used for menstrual hygiene it is used to collect the menstrual blood in the vagina as opposed to pads or Tai bones just soak the blood so the menstrual cup has got two parts one obviously the cup and the long stem some of the menstrual cups don't come without a stem while some may have a little longer stem so why do you have to use a menstrual cup or why should you even consider switching to a menstrual cup number one it is person-friendly or user friendly when you're using pads or tampons they cause a lot of rashes irritation and lot of odour while when you use a menstrual cup since the blood is not outside it does not come into contact with the atmospheric air there is no rash there is no itching and there is practically no odour also the pads and the tampons are known to contain certain harmful chemicals like boc dioxane furnace which can cause a lot of allergic reactions and in extreme cases can be carcinogens also then the menstrual cup is a better lifestyle choice which means when you are wearing a menstrual cup you can go hiking you can do swimming you can go for a dance class you can do a yoga class then the menstrual cup is much more environment friendly as compared to pads and tampons so from the time a girl starts having periods that's menuki to the time she finishes her period which is menopause a girl or a woman has about 400 to 500 periods in her lifetime so if she uses on an average about 12 pads per cycle now this means that she generates almost 5 000 to 7000 pads in her lifetime a pad or a tampon takes about 500 years to be completely decomposed into the environment so imagine the kind of the environment load or the environment footprint we are generating by using sanitary pants then using a menstrual cup is extremely pocket friendly too a good quality menstrual cup costs maximum about 500 rupees and in case you look after your menstrual cup it can last you anything between 8 to 10 years so once you've decided to switch to menstrual cup the next thing is how to buy the menstrual cup or what size to buy the menstrual cup so the menstrual cup typically comes in three sizes small medium and large so small cup is basically for those women who are sexually not active medium is for those women who are sexually active but who have not given birth vaginally and a large cup is basically for those women who have given birth vaginally menstrual cup also comes in different colors it could be colorless it could be a fancy color like this as you can order the menstrual cup either online or you can buy it from any supermarket or a good pharmacy they are easily available then coming to the most important point how to insert the menstrual cup so before that let's first understand the anatomy of the female productive system little bit so this is a picture of the female reproductive system this is the uterus this is cervix this is vagina and this is the external vaginal opening which you see outside in your body the vaginal length is almost about 15 to 16 centimeters you all should understand vagina is not like a tube or a cylinder it's actually a potential space which means normally the vagina is collapsed it is closed like this it's only if something is introduced into the vagina now the vagina opens up to accommodate this so when you insert the menstrual cup the vagina stretches to accommodate that menstrual cup so it's like this it stretches to accommodate that menstrual cup now ideally menstrual cup should be just sitting below the cervix it should not be too low that it is projecting outside it should not be too high that it is actually ahead of the cervix.

it's only when it is just sitting below the cervix it will now form a tight seal in the vagina and there will be no leaking of the menstrual blood then let's talk about the steps of  insertion in detail so the first step obviously is to sterilize the menstrual cup when you are using it at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, so you let the water boil in a pan and once the water starts boiling you put the menstrual cup into it and now let the water boil for about five to seven minutes after that wash your hands and with washed hands now take the cup out now this cup is ready to be used then the next step to understand is to how to fold the cup for the insertion so obviously when the cup is this big obviously it cannot go into the vagina like that so you need to make a small point of insertion so that now the cup can easily go inside the vagina so there are three commonly used techniques which are used for the insertion of the menstrual cup the first is the sea technique or the u technique so for that you need to first fold the cup like that and now fold it in middle so it forms a nice c or u so now this is easy to introduce the second technique is what is known as the punched down technique so what you do is with your index finger now you punch down the rim of the menstrual cup deep inside and you fold it like this so now as you can see in this the point of insertion again becomes very narrow which is very easy to be introduced the third commonly used technique is what is known as the seven shape technique so fold it like this and now fold the right or any end of the cup in a seven shape manner so you can see it has formed a seventh and now once again it is easy to be introduced into the vagina then let's talk about in what position the menstrual cup is to be introduced so for that you can either partially squat the way you sit in an Indian toilet or you can stand with your one foot on the commode or maybe one foot on the step so now you are ready to introduce the menstrual cup so now wash your hands nicely take a deep relaxing breath hold the cup in a folded position the way you feel comfortable and now with the left hand open the labia and with the right hand introduce it inside I'll try and demonstrate it using a small beaker like that so supposing this is the vagina now the cup goes inside and once the cup is inside you can just release it now.

if you see sometimes the cup does not open up nicely so you move little bit and now the cup opens now if you try and tug it outside it does not move now that means there is a tight seal inside in case the cup does not open inside nicely properly now you will actually be able to feel a notch here so in that case you just have to slightly move it this way or that way and now you can see it's nicely placed there is one more important thing to understand that the cup should be neither sitting too low nor it should be too high so supposing this is the cervix the cup should be ideally hair so that it can collect the blood in case the cup is too high obviously it will not be able to collect and in case it's too low obviously it will be uncomfortable for you so the cup ideally has to be roughly about two to two and a half inches inside the vagina so that it is just sitting below the cervix then let's talk about how to remove the menstrual cup so again first wash your hands nicely you can either sit on a common or slightly squat take a deep breath with the left hand slightly open the labia now with the right hand feel the stem of the menstrual cup slide your finger up the base of the cup and now gently press with your finger this won't break the suction and now slowly and slowly you just pull the cup out in the beginning there could be some leakages but don't worry after one or two cycles you will slowly master the technique after that you just have to empty the cup wash it nicely and now the cup is ready to be reintroduced again then how frequently do you need to change the menstrual cup so typically most of the women are comfortable changing a menstrual cup from 6 to 12 hours depending upon the day of the menstrual cycle and also it varies from person to person so in the beginning when you're trying to get used to menstrual cup you may change it maybe every six hours and slowly and slowly you will find it for yourself what timing works best for you then finally how to store your menstrual cup so once your period is over and now you can wash your cup with a simple mild soap and water dry it nicely and store it in a cloth bag this is a cloth bag so usually the menstrual cup comes with this bag only so you can just put the cup into this and store it.

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