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Is it permissible for a virgin to use a menstrual cup

Is it permissible for a virgin to use a menstrual cup - VAQUITA

let's get right to it you can use a menstrual cup or a tampon at any age regardless of whether you're a virgin or not, I want to talk about the concept of virginity and whether you can use a menstrual cup or not which we already know the answer is yes in practice you can use a menstrual cup at virtually any age it's really a matter of when and if you're ready to try one it has nothing to do with the fact that you are a young teen or that you may or may not be a virgin virginity is not my favorite word because it's more of a cultural construct than it is an actual physical change there's nothing that changes about you or your body whether you've had sex or not well you're probably thinking but what about the hymen because that is something physical that may change when you have had intercourse and you are partially right because the high man does exist it is not a myth but it is different for everyone and typically by the time you are ready to use a menstrual cup or a tampon very little of the hymen is left and if there is a lot of the hymen left using these products will eventually wear it down but most people find that it has already torn or worn down through just regular exercise over the years or self-exploration there are different types of hymens and that can affect how things go septate or micro perforate but all of them will have some sort of opening which is why menstruation is able to get through in the first place most people imagine the hymen to be this magical door that you have to break through but that's not the case at all and when you're ready if you're ready to try a menstrual cup you'll just want to be aware of it and learning about your body understanding what kind of hymen you have and if it's there in a larger portion or barely there at all is important in fact I didn't know until my 20s when an gyne told me that a portion of my hymen still exists but I had been using menstrual cups and tampons for years but it was still present and there now this next part is going to have a clear but anatomically correct representation of a vulva this is a vulva and this is your anatomy and whether you're using a tampon or a period cup.

This is all applicable for most people the hymen is you know what you think of as this barrier to entry and that when you have intercourse that is what is broken enough once you have had intercourse you can insert a menstrual cup or a tampon but before that you can't but that is not the case there are different types of hymens and there are different types of coverage so for some people the hymen is completely gone by the time that they decide they want to use a menstrual cup or tampon and it's a non-issue because through exercise and different activities or self-exploration the hymen has worn away or torn away and it's no longer part of the consideration apparently all hymens will have an opening otherwise you would not be able to menstruate so what you'll want to do with a little self-exploration is grab a mirror and look to see if you can view your own hymen a flashlight would be very helpful for this but you can see what type of hymen you have if you can see it or if it's there at all in part or in full and you're just looking for a little thin membrane layer inside of the labia minora.

so if you want to move forward with trying a cup the best thing is to find a small introductory size option there are lots of different brands out there i recommend the vaquita menstrual cup small.

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