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Women Intimate Wash

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VAQUITA Premium Feminine Wash for Women (Calendula & Witch Hazel)

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VAQUITA Natural Women Intimate Foam Wash (Billberry & Fruit AHA)

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Hey there, WOMEN!!

It's time for your intimate wash. You deserve it. You're a woman, and you're awesome. Now get this wash on you and get yourself clean—it's time to take care of yourself.

Vaquita Women’s Intimate Wash (Calendula & Witch Hazel) is the best way to keep your lady parts looking and feeling their best. It's made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your body and the environment—and it's also safe to use while pregnant! Whether you're looking for a new way to protect against yeast infections or just want something that smells nice and makes you feel fresh (because let's be honest: that's really what matters), Vaquita Women’s Intimate Wash is perfect for you. ? It's made right here in India

Feminine care

Feminine Wash, also known as feminine hygiene, is an effective way to cleanse your intimate areas without disturbing the delicate pH balance of your vagina. A healthy vaginal environment helps prevent odor-causing bacteria and infections.

The feminine wash is designed specifically for intimate hygiene: it's formulated with mild ingredients that won't irritate sensitive skin or cause itching or redness. The best feminine washes are non-irritating and contain no harsh chemicals that could further damage delicate tissue like Vaquita women's intimate wash.

Women Intimate Wash

Women's intimate wash is a hygienic product that takes care of the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It restores the pH level of the vaginal area and helps in preventing infection, itching, and foul odor. This wash removes dirt, sweat, discharge, and dead skin cells from the vaginal tract and keeps it healthy and fresh.


Originally designed to be a gentle cleanser and refreshing toner, the intimate wash is now also a great option for women who want to cleanse and soothe their skin. The delicate scent of cucumber melon will leave you feeling fresh and clean after using this product.

Intimate Wash gently cleanses, refreshes, and soothes the skin by removing excess oil & dirt without causing irritation or dryness. It contains natural ingredients like chamomile which helps to calm irritation due to shaving.


This intimate wash has a soothing effect that reduces itching, irritation, and swelling. It also reduces burning, soreness, odor, and discharge.

pH balancing

pH balancing is a crucial element of maintaining the vagina’s health. A normal pH balance in the vagina helps to maintain a healthy environment and can help prevent infections, irritation, dryness, and itching.


Women's intimate wash is designed to be used in the vaginal area, hence it mustn't irritate. The main ingredients are water and glycerin which nourish and moisturize the skin.


Women's intimate wash is a product that has been around for many years. It is used to cleanse the vagina which is an area where bacteria can grow easily. The most important thing about using this product is making sure that you use it correctly so that there are no problems in the future with your health.

An intimate wash helps to ensure your vaginal health and reduce the chances of yeast infection, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), itchiness, dryness, and allergies. Unlike soap, intimate wash for women doesn’t disturb the pH balance of that sensitive part of the body.

Vaquita’s woman intimate wash is the most reliable product to maintain vaginal hygiene, even during menstruation. Enriched with all the natural and essential oils, our intimate hygiene wash is highly reasonable and completely soap-free. Moreover, it also doesn’t include sulphate, parabens, and other chemicals that can be harmful to the vagina.

Just like purchasing, using our intimate hygiene wash is really easy. Take a few drops of the wash on your wet palm, and massage the vagina gently. Now rinse it off with plain water. You can use our woman intimate wash on a daily basis.

The intimate wash for women doesn’t disturb the natural moisture of the vagina, which means you won’t feel any kind of dryness after using it.  You can choose from different sizes of intimate washes available online at our store. All you have to do is pick any intimate wash from the collection, add it to the cart, and make the payment or place a COD (cash on delivery) order. You will receive it within the given time.

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