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VAQUITA Jaw Exerciser- Slimming and Toning Your Face Jaw Exerciser (Black & White)

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VAQUITA Jaw Exerciser- Slimming and Toning Your Face Jaw Exerciser (Black & White)

Vaquita Double Chin Reducer Eliminator for Face Mouth Workout Tone Neck & Jaw Slim | Natural Jaws Toning Face lifter Shaper Massager


  • 100% BPA Free
  • High Tension Resistant
  • Easy to Carry Around
  • Activate 57+ Muscles in the Face
  • Reduce double chin, never look awkward in photos
  • Relieve stress and tension in the mouth and face
  • Increase blood flow and oxygenation to the face for a youthful look
  • Chisel your jaw and achieve a stronger looking face
  • Easy to Use

  • How to use:

    1. To fit, first practice placing product and get the feel for how wide you should open your mouth. 
    2. Put product with biting strips in boiling water for 20-24 seconds. 
    3. Remove Jaw Liner from boiling water, shake off excess Water, but don't wait too long to let it cool. 
    4. Stick your thumbs through the hole, place and adjust Jaw Liner so you are biting down on bite strips. 
    5. Bite down and hold for 15 seconds to customize the mouthpiece to the contours of your own mouth. 
    6. Remove product from mouth and cool your imprints under cold water for a few seconds to permanently set imprints.

    Why Should You Use Our Face Shaper For Jawline? Here Are The Top Reasons!

    1. PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT:- Unlike other face slimming toning exercisers, our ground-breaking jaw strengthened kit is the size of a marshmallow! Attach the jaw definer mouthpiece to the necklace and take it with you wherever you go!
    2. APPLY IT ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE:- Use this beginner-friendly tool whenever and wherever you want! Simply pop one into your mouth and go! This face exerciser tool is also very simple to clean!
    3. HANDS FREE WORKOUT:- Keep with You, to Use On the Go is extremely convenient. At the gym, at work, at home, or wherever you are.
    4. SLIMMER JAWLINE:- Get a more defined chin and jawline. Simply place the jaw workout blocks on either side of your mouth and chew gently for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Use your jaw exercise kit every other day for 30 days to see results.
    5. FOOD GRADE SILICONE:- Made of high-quality food-grade materials, this jaw exerciser provides comfort, safety, and a rejuvenated chiselled facial appearance. It is simple to use, reusable, long-lasting, secure, BPA-free, and non-toxic.
    6. DURABILITY:- Our jaw line exercise device is made of tough silicone.
    7. EXPECTATIONS:- Repeated exercise, like any other muscle, will make the jaw line muscles bigger and stronger. Strength gains are expected within 3-6 days, with visible results after 30 days of consistent exercise. Begin with a low repetition count and gradually increase as the exercise becomes easier.
    8. FOR MEN AND WOMEN:- Please disinfect with hot water before use, place the double chin exerciser in your mouth, place your teeth in the bite strip, and then begin chewing to achieve the exercise effect.
    9. BASIC TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN:- Each jaw line exercise device for men and women is completely hand washable and dishwasher safe, allowing you to easily keep it clean and fresh between uses. They're also portable, allowing you to use them both at home and on the go.
    10. REPAIR DOUBLE CHIN:- Our neck strengthened and faces shaper for jawline not only creates a chiselled jawline, but it can also repair chubby cheeks and tissue that causes a double chin. Every bite you take shapes and sculpts your muscles to fit your face. This neck tightening device will remove chin fat, strengthen your neck, tone your face muscles, and is excellent for tight jaw relief.
    11. MULTIPLE BENEFITS:- When you use the jawline shaper and neck trainer, you will not only have a sharper and stronger jawline, but you will also feel more beautiful and confident! This double chin exerciser is an excellent face shaper, fat reducer, and tissue toner. Our face slimmer is also an excellent tension, craving, and stress reliever for anyone who has a habit of clenching their teeth.
    12. Special Design -Ventilation holes have a unique design. Ventilation holes can promote good air circulation, increasing the jaw exerciser's flexibility and preventing its shape from changing due to long-term use, making it easier for users to breathe.

    Jawline with a Perfect Shape Say goodbye to your adversaries, the double chin, sagging skin, puffy cheeks, and tense facial muscles. Regular use of our one-of-a-kind jaw exerciser will help tone and tighten facial muscles, eliminate fat deposits around the jaw and neck, promote facial firmness, sharper cheekbones, and a perfectly contoured face for a youthful appearance.



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