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VAQUITA Reusable Menstrual Disc

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VAQUITA Reusable Menstrual Disc

Vaquita Reusable Menstrual Disc ‚Ēā Leak Free ‚Ēā‚Ēā Made from Ultra-Thin Medical Grade Silicone


  • 12 Hours Of¬† Protection
  • Leak¬† Proof & Reliable
  • Easy To Use
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • BPA free/Phthalate Free
  • Safe-hypoallergenic and chemical free
  • ISO 13485 Certified/FDA Certified
  • Size ‚ÄďLarge Menstrual Disc(Dia.-7.2 cm, L-6.5 cm ,H-3 cm)


  1. SIZE AND SHAPE:- Menstrual cups are typically smaller than discs and have a more rigid cone or bellshaped base with a stem to aid in removal. Menstrual discs may appear 'larger' out of the box, but don't be put off! The rim of a disc appears much larger at first glance, but when folded for insertion, it becomes quite long and thin.
  2. POSITIONING:- Menstrual discs are inserted with one end of the rim wedged behind the cervix (known as the fornix) and the other end securely held in place behind the public bone.
  3. CAPACITY:- Menstrual discs may be a better choice for those who struggle with higher capacity menstrual cups and have a heavy flow or pass a lot of clots. CAPACITY-Menstrual discs may be a better choice for those who struggle with higher capacity menstrual cups and have a heavy flow or pass a lot of clots.
  4. FLEXIBILITY OR FIRMNESS:- Menstrual discs only have a rigid rim and the base or 'bowl' is made of a much thinner, more flexible silicone.
  5. PERIOD SEX:- Because menstrual discs have a thin, soft, and flexible 'bowl,' they can be worn safely and comfortably during sex. The disc will hold your menstrual blood, allowing you to enjoy sex without the mess, and is virtually undetectable if properly positioned. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, have a much firmer base and most have a stem, which means they should not be worn during sex. Read our complete guide to mess-free period sex here.
  6. PEOPLE-FRIENDLY:- The material, which is made of medical grade silicone, is lightweight, reusable, safe, and non-toxic, and can withstand high temperature sterilisation and UV disinfection.
  7. NO MESSY PERIOD LIFE:- you can have a pleasant exercise while wearing it, without pressure effects, without taking up any space in the vagina, allowing for penetration and a pleasant sexual experience.
  8. SAFE & SUSTAINABLE:- A healthier alternative to disposable cups and feminine hygiene products, our eco-friendly discs are FDA registered, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free, making them a smart choice for the environment and a safe choice for you.
  9. WEARING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS:- you can wear it for 12 hours and do many things such as exercise, swimming, sleeping, running, going to work, lying on the couch - whatever you want. It allows you to live your best life.
  10. ZERO LEAKAGE:- The built-in menstrual tray makes your vagina feel foreign body free, and there will be no side leakage whether you turn sideways, roll over, stand, or sit. The high flow rate can also hold water throughout the day, and you won't have to worry about embarrassment in public.
  11. ALTERNATIVE:- The cost of using disposable feminine products for a month is staggering; our menstrual trays will last for years and is an effective alternative to standard tampons and pads, saving you money while reducing environmental damage and allowing you to use that money to do more of what you want to do to improve your quality of life.
  12. .INSERTION-There are many different folds you can use for a menstrual cup, such as the ‚ÄėC‚Äô fold or ‚Äėpunch-down‚Äô fold. The rim of a disc is pinched in half to form a long, thin ‚Äė8‚Äô shape.

REMOVAL-To remove a disc, there is no suction seal so you only need to hook your finger under the rim to dislodge it. The disc can then be removed from the vagina at a 45-degree angle. This, combined with the fact that a disc has a flexible ‚Äėbowl‚Äô that is compressed during removal, can lead to some spillage.



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